The Christmas shopping season is upon us. Many wonderful toys will be bought for eager children and adults. The only problem is that many will require batteries.

Having a good supply of batteries on hand is one of the simplest ways to ensure a merry Christmas. Few things are as disappointing to a child as not having batteries available for the toy they just unwrapped. Adults can be just as disappointed… they just hide it better.

Don’t be caught unprepared. Buy a good supply of rechargeable batteries for Christmas. Have them ready to go no later than Christmas morning.

Rechargeable batteries cost a little extra, but they make up the cost quickly in not having to buy more disposable batteries. Buy good quality batteries that will hold their charge well and last for hundreds of charges. It won’t take long to make up the expense, especially if you have children with a lot of battery powered toys.

Next comes the big question… how many batteries should you buy?

You really only need one set for each thing that uses batteries. Rechargeable batteries tend to lose their charge over time if they’re just sitting around, and in most cases you can wait overnight for them to get charged up. If you have a remote control or something that gets heavier use than that, I would suggest paying attention and charging up the batteries before they’re needed. You can often guess when they’re starting to run down.

Of course, a rechargeable battery does you no good without a charging station. You can easily find models that will charge AA and triple A batteries, but if you need a wider range than that, do some looking and find a charger that takes AA, triple A, C, D and 9 volt batteries. They are out there, and much worth the trouble to locate when you use a wide range of batteries.

These also make a great gift for others. Buy the charger and a basic range of rechargeable batteries. It’s something that can be much appreciated, although it’s certainly not a romantic gift or one that will cause children to shriek with delight. It’s a gift for someone who won’t mind a practical gift from you.

Be aware that they don’t last forever. As they get older, they will take less of a charge, and so not last as long. This is normal. However, most should take hundreds to a thousand or more charges before this becomes a serious enough problem to warrant disposing of the battery.


Stephanie Foster gives more tips at her page on why you should choose rechargeable batteries for toys and gadgets in your home.

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