1. Types and Uses of the Inverter Generator


    Cheyenne Ibit

    Home generators are most needed to provide backup power in times of electrical outage. Obviously, it is typical to focus either on a standby generator or portable model. Recently, the production of inverter generators were added to the handy model of generator.

  2. Audio Technica Athanc7 Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are Best For Entertainment


    Bin Wen Liu

    Audio technica noise cancelling headphone is the most unique and powerful among all other noise cancelling headphones. AthanC7 is the new launch which bought high end technology to human lives. This unique headphone has a number of capabilities and features that would lure the users to a great extent.After using this product from Audio technica I would not prefer going for any other noise cancelling headphones. It reduces the external noise to about 85% and brings quality sound to the user. Best for entertainment, this device is popular in the in-flight entertainment. The noise cancelling feature of this device can be toggle with the use of the detachable cable that comes with it.

  3. Why Shop For an MP3 CD Player?


    Norman Burr

    Some people might think they just need a MP3 player or a CD player and not both. The thing is though, many people who still have a lot of their favorite music on CD are slowly moving their interest into MP3 players. Because of this, it would be wise to purchase a MP3 CD player.

  4. Purchasing a Clock Radio CD Player


    Norman Burr

    Many people already have a clock radio and they also have a CD player, but not as many people have a clock radio CD player combination as should have. The idea that people do not need one because they already have the separate units is popular, but not always valid.

  5. Why Purchasing an Alarm Clock CD Player is a Great Choice


    Norman Burr

    Believe it or not, an alarm clock just isn’t an alarm clock anymore. There are many different options and styles.

  6. Are You Finding it Hard to Keep Track of All the eBook Readers That Are Available?


    Louise Doyle

    So many eBook readers are coming out now that it is hard to keep track of all of them. Not only that, but there are many that have announced upcoming releases. All are selling to varying degrees of success.

  7. Supplementary Information on Bluetooth Headphones


    Dennis Manny

    Among the fastest growing fashion of consumer electronics nowadays is Bluetooth headphone and its accessories. It had turned to be a hot piece of electronic product equipment that everybody wanted to acquire to be in trend with the existing fashion.

  8. Cordless Phones and Answering Machines


    David Patullo

    When you buy a cordless phone with an answering machine, it will make easy for you to set up an answering system that you can use anywhere in your house or office or anywhere. You can even keep track and check of all the phone calls being made in the house by people besides you. Contrary to this, when you have to make an urgent call, then it is made, by the cordless phone with answering machine, as easy as to stretch out your hands to reach your cordless phone anywhere in your location.

  9. Digital Voice Recorders Article


    Zara Jones

    Since voice recordings that are recorded digitally last for a longer time than tape, and since it is not possible to add a tape into a computer, more and more people are selecting to use digital recorders. You will want to ensure that the recorder you choose has the functions you require. You will first have to decide if digital dictation is all you need from your digital voice recorder, or will you need transcription capabilities as well.

  10. The Remarkable Hand Held TV


    Zara Jones

    About the same weight as a large paperback book, a hand held TV can easily be slipped into your purse or suitcase right along side a book. They are great for traveling whether you are taking a flight or traveling in the car. Most come with their own headphones so there will be no reason to disturb others around you.

  11. Kindle 2 Reviews – Head Over Heels in Love With Kindle 2


    Marly Kester

    It’s lightweight, slender device made for an eye-catching little slice of technology that’s not only easy to handle, but easy to operate as most Kindle 2 reviews agree. Kindle 2 has created the ideal blend of aesthetics and practicality for avid readers whose eyes and hands won’t tire of reading.

  12. The KitchenAid Hand Mixer


    Zara Jones

    Most people who cook at home, at some time or other, will need a mixer. If you are in the market for a top quality mixer, you cannot do any better than a KitchenAid hand mixer or stand mixer. KitchenAid was established in 1919 and their craftsmanship and commitment to their customers has been their secret ingredient to their success.

  13. The VTech Cordless Phone


    Zara Jones

    VTech cordless phones offer many different models, some that allow you to add anywhere up to twelve accessory handsets to your existing base set and still only use one phone jack. It will be quite easy for you to create a multi handset phone system in your home or office.

  14. Sony Electronic Reader is a Chief eReader Candidate!


    Marly Kester

    Sony electronic reader PRS-600 is undoubtedly the most aesthetically eye-catching of the top eBook readers. Sony of course, has always created beautiful pieces of technology and this Sony electronic reader is no exception.

  15. Portable CD Players – Do They Still Have a Place?


    Norman Burr

    With the portable CD players, there are thankfully still a wide variety of options available. Over time, these players have shrunk in size, just as anything does after a while of being on the market. Everyone wants the smallest possible electronics. You are sometimes even able to see the competition between a couple of companies as they will compete against each other for the latest and the greatest in not just technology, but in the size of the technology.

  16. Why You Might Want a Shower Radio CD Player


    Norman Burr

    You have probably had plenty of times where you caught yourself singing in the shower. You probably found yourself singing the same tunes over and over again, especially since there is no music in the room with you.

  17. Purchase Your Items From a Quality Electronics Store


    Harvey Watson

    Purchasing quality products is an obvious requirement for anyone because only quality products can give long time durability as well as satisfied utility. Electronic products are costly products and hence asking for its 100% quality is not too much!

  18. Have a Great Cinematic Experience With Your New Home Theater Surround System


    Mayene Grim

    Do you just love watching movies that spending your free time loafing in bed watching your favorite movie doesn’t bother you? Are you the kind of person who is just too lazy to go out and hit the movies? Are you an audiophile who wants to listen to high-quality audio?

  19. JVC HANC250 High Grade Noise Cancelling Headphones


    Wen Wen Liu

    I am a student and take classes online. I used several headphones to effective listen to my lectures but none were effective.

  20. Sony Cybershot TX7 Reviewed – The Camera Taylor Swift Uses on TV


    Mark S Myers

    The Sony Cybershot TX7 is the new camera in the point and shoot category everyone seems to be talking about. It is even featured on a TV commercial with Taylor Swift, where the country singer shows how easy it is to take a panorama picture. Here is a review about the popular Sony Cybershot TX7.

  21. Why Tripods Make Great Camera Accessories


    Kalyan Kumar

    Tripods are some of the most useful camera accessories today. Whether you’re a pro or just a regular camera user, it will help you a lot to have a tripod when you’re taking photos. In fact, this should be your main partner to ensure you take only the best pictures you can be proud to show to your family and friends.

  22. Blendtec Total Blender 621-26


    Abby Morrill

    The Blendtec Total Blender 621-26 is one of the best blenders on the market today. It is bigger and better than previous models and can handle larger blending quantities.

  23. Sony NWZ-W202 – A Really Innovative MP3 Player


    Amanda Ren

    The in-ear design of Sony W202 mini MP3 player earphones may not suitable for everyone, so you had better to experience in the supermarket by yourself. And though the Series is not so expensive, but if you want a lower price one, Enigma MP3 player will be a good choice which is a copy of W202.

  24. Finding the Best Rated Digital Camera at a Reasonable Cost


    Ryan Tyler

    Selecting one best rated digital camera is apparently a tricky task. When you have recognized your priorities and ordinary usage of your camera, finding an appropriate one is basically easy. With the development in digital technology, practically any camera manufactured by known manufacturers will be adequate and take excellent images.

  25. Nikon D3x – The Best Choice of DSLR Available in the Market


    Pio Capito

    High quality of images is very important in the field of photography. It’s crucial that your composition should have a color accuracy that is true to life otherwise, your images are useless. That’s why you need a functional camera with high resolution such as Nikon d3x with 24.

  26. Contradictions When Owning an Apple iPad


    Jeff Caceres

    All of the latest digital products are beginning to flow directly into the digital and electronics market. Just like the famous Macbook, iPod and iPhone being created by Apple, there is one brand new product that attracts most of the customers worldwide which is something new to them.

  27. Blendtec Total Blender 621-25


    Abby Morrill

    The Blendtec Total Blender 621-25 is an innovative blender with a 3 quart jar and a 4 inch blade, which is perfect for large get-togethers. Specifications include…

  28. iPads, Are They Any Good?


    Jonathan Golding

    Lots of people have been saying that the iPad is just a super-sized iPod touch however they probably have not tried it themselves. iPads are a new revolutionary offer by the Apple company.

  29. Compact, Reliable, and Convenient – Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor With APS


    James Forrester

    For those of us with hypertension, it is very important to take blood pressure readings frequently in order to achieve maximum health. A good blood pressure monitor is the key to ensuring accurate results in your fight with high blood pressure.

  30. Cordless Headphones – A Guide


    Jesse Wiener

    Cordless headphones are a wonderful alternative to traditional wired headphones. Cords and jacks can be a pain.

Modern cameras are made to do everything on their own. With a self-timer, a camera can decide when it’s the right moment to freeze time capturing an image. Seriously, today’s cameras are incredibly smart. There has never been a time when getting into photography was so easy, that is assuming you can figure out what all the buttons, knobs, and levers on a new auto-everything camera do.

In some ways, older cameras were less frustrating to work with. New automatic cameras can be a challenge for anyone to figure out. It’s kind of like setting the clock on your DVD player. If you ever take time to learn the steps involved with the process, it’s not difficult. Automatic cameras can be intimidating at first, but they are a joy to use once you have mastered the controls.

The amount of automation found in a pocket camera varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Price is also a factor in the amount of automatic functions a camera performs. I think automatic cameras are like computers; they’re fantastic when they work properly and a pain in the neck when they don’t.

I browsed through a sales flyer from a major discount chain store just a few minutes ago. For less than $100 you can buy a 35-mm point-and-shoot camera from a name-brand manufacturer. The camera has a built-in flash and it sets shutter speed automatically. For about the same price, you can get a different brand of 35-mm camera that offers a pop-up flash (to reduce the red-eye effect in portraits).

In fact, it is hard to find a point-and-shoot (PsS) without a built-in flash. The model I looked at has a medium-power, zoom, telephoto lens. There are even less expensive cameras available.

If you move up the purchase-price ladder, you can find cameras with built-in zoom lenses with ranges in the neighborhood of 38mm to 140mm. Some models will imprint your photos with a date and time stamp. Not many professional photographers use pocket cameras as their primary tools, but I know many who use them for quick shots that would evade typical professional equipment. Don’t be fooled by the Do-Little cameras, they can actually do quite a lot. For most people, any camera with a megapixel rating of at least 5 is fine for routine use.

What Could Go Wrong With Idiot-Proof Cameras?

If you think that nothing can go wrong with auto-everything cameras, you’re wrong. A lot can go wrong with any automatic camera. While most pocket cameras are simple to operate, they can produce some annoying problems for the people who use them. Let me explain.

Imagine that you are on your dream vacation. Part of your fantasy is to amass photographs that will help your memories live forever. You begin your journey, snapping pictures of once-in-a-lifetime scenes as you go. All of a sudden, you battery goes dead. You left your battery charger at home. Well, there goes the great photography outing.

Many photographers using direct-vision cameras obstruct their lenses accidently without knowing it until they check their photos. Since the viewfinder on this type of camera is offset from the lens, you can’t see if your camera strap or finger is in part of your picture.

Spare Battery

One of the most frequent problems with an automatic camera is not the camera’s fault. It is a dead of dying battery. Get a spare battery for your camera and like the credit card company says, “Never leave home without it!” Low battery power can cause a number of difficulties with an automatic camera. A dead battery can put the camera completely out of commission. Rotate batteries frequently when using or storing your camera in cold temperatures.

Red Eye

Even if you have never taken a single photograph, you’ve probably seen the handiwork of the red-eye monster in photos you have seen. This evil creature lives in the flash unit of many cameras. When an on-camera flash is used to take a portrait, it often taints the photography by turning the subject’s eyes bright red. Some pocket cameras offer a red-eye reduction system. Others incorporate a pop-up flash that can help to keep the monster caged. However, unless you move up to component systems where the flash you work with is offset to one side of the lens, you might meet the monster eye to eye, so to speak.

What is red eye? It is when the eyes of a subject are red in a photograph. The problem is caused by having a flash that is too close to your lens. It is a common problem with point-and-shoot cameras.

Auto Focus and Auto Flash

There is a difference between point-and-shoot cameras and auto-focus cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras have a set range in which objects appear to be in focus. Auto-focus lenses adjust their focus based on the location of a subject. As good as auto-focus lenses are, they can be fooled. As an example, if you were to take a family portrait, using a self-timer, you might find that part of your family was soft in terms of focus.

If you were all standing side by side, the auto-focus should work well. But, if some of the family is in front of the rest of the family, the auto-focus is likely to lock in on only some of the subjects. This results in a picture with some distortion in it.

Automatic, built-in flashes sound good on paper and in advertisements, but they can limit your creativity. They can also fail to meet their minimum requirements. The sensors that trigger an automatic flash can be fooled by light patterns. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that your children have just been chosen to star in a school play. You want to capture the moment with your camera. Hastily, before the mood changes, you position your children in front of a window. There are no blinds or curtains, and natural light is flooding into the room, behind the kids. Quickly, you point and shoot on auto pilot. The flash doesn’t fire. You assume this means flash was not needed. After all, it’s supposed to fire when light levels are low. The natural light behind your children has just fooled the camera. When you review the picture taken, you will find that you have a nice, dark, silhouette of your kids. Their cheerful faces will be hidden in the dark exposure. Creative options for built-in auto-flashes are limited.

Sun Flare

Sun flare can be a nasty problem when using a pocket camera. You can overcome this by shielding the lens of your camera from the sun with your hand. But if you’re not careful, your hand will wind up in the picture. Since lens shades won’t work on flat-faced cameras, you have to protect the lens by some other means. The human hand is usually the most effective. If you don’t prevent stray light from shining on your lens, you will see bright spots that resemble stars or doughnuts on your finished prints.

The more automated your camera is, the higher the risk is that something will malfunction. This should not scare you away from the versatile, easy-to-use pocket cameras. If you stick with a major brand of camera, you should not experience many problems that are not associated with the operator of the tool. Keep fresh batteries in your camera. Use common sense on exposures, and choose your camera settings carefully. If you follow these simple instructions, your little black box should give you good pictures.

About The Author

R. Dodge Woodson is the founder and publisher of World Photographers Organization, a group of photographers from point-and-shoot snapshooters to pros who spend close to $10,000 for a single lens. Photography has been his passion for close to 40 years. Woodson is an internationally-known, best-selling author and photographer with more than 100 books published by major publishers. Presently much of his writing in both E-books known as Book Busters and Ready Reports is available through Creative Consulting, Inc. at http://www.ccionlinesales.com, including his most recent book: Maine Unseen: A Photographic Experience That Few Witness.

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