Mobile Phone Batteries. What Are Your Options?
 by: Will Koh

There are a range of different mobile phone, video camera/camcorder and digital camera batteries out there with varying capacities and battery chemistry. We will explain what the differences are for each battery chemistry and try to clear up the jargon used on the labels of mobile phone batteries. There have been several developments in battery technology and below, we will outline each battery chemistry’s features, pros and cons and their applications to mobile phones today.

“Memory Effect” in Batteries

Memory affect refers to the need for certain batteries to be “serviced” by regularly discharging the battery completely before recharging. Ni-Cad batteries are the main type of battery chemistry that requires this cycling and newer types of batteries such as Li-Ion and NiMH do not suffer from memory affect.

Battery Capacity Ratings

A battery capacity rating refers to the load or current that can be placed on a specific battery type. The battery capacity rating is usually measured in milliampres (mAH)

Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium) Batteries

In the past, majority of rechargable batteries used in portable devices such as mobile phones, camcorders and cordless phones used Nickel Cadmium as the main battery chemistry. Although this type of battery has drawbacks such as the “memory effect”, it is still one of the most commonly used battery in cordless phones, CD players, Radios and other portable devices due to their low cost per battery cycle. The use of these batteries in mobile phones today is rare due to their memory effect problems and inconveniences. Despite these obvious drawbacks, it also has environmental implications due to the metal used to manufacture these batteries and are fast becoming replaced by Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Batteries

NiMH batteries are one of the growing battery chemistries today mainly due to the fact that it does not suffer from memory effects like a NiCad battery does. Because of this advantage, they are mainly used in Laptops and mobile phones and sometimes also as a battery source for video cameras and digital cameras. This is an important and main feature that makes NiMH batteries attractive as consumers are not burdened by having to “service” their batteries by discharging it fully before recharging. They also have a higher capacity rating compared to Ni-Cad (approx 30% higher) and Alkaline batteries, however their main drawback is that these batteries self-discharge over a short period of time which makes them not suitable for storage.

Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) Batteries

These batteries are quite new to the market and have the lowest discharge rating compared to Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries. They do not suffer from memory effect and is one of the most commonly used type of batteries in mobile phones today. They have an excellent power to weight ratio which makes them highly attractive to portable devices such as mobile phones, video cameras and digital cameras. All our mobile phone batteries we offer are Li-Ion as they are superior compared to other battery alternatives.


This is relatively new and we are beginning to see more of these batteries appear in mobile phones today. They are considered as the best battery chemistry today for mobile devices due to their high capacity and low weight. Li-Polymer batteries do not suffer from “memory loss”.

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Types Of Batteries And Use For Different Types Of Gadgets

In this era of quick technological improvement, our confidence on electrical and electronic products is rising gradually. The function of battery is very valuable these days for different kinds of electronic gadgets such as camera, laptops and cell phones. Batteries are generally sorted out into two types- primary and secondary batteries. Primary batteries are those which are normally not rechargeable. These batteries are normally used in toys, radio, and torches etc. and secondary batteries can be rechargeable batteries which can be easily recharged with the help of charging adaptors. These batteries are highly used in cell phones as well as laptops. Today there are different types of batteries available for laptop, camera and cell phone and for many other gadgets. Here we will discuss about some of the gadget batteries as well as accessories.

Laptop battery- A superior quality laptop battery is one of the most essential parts for your personal laptop. Modern laptop batteries work for at least three to five hours, depending on the power required to run the laptop and the programs which one runs while working on it. Few things could be frustrating as when your laptop battery suddenly won’t charge completely or stops holding its charge for as long; when this take place, you would most likely require to buy a high-quality laptop battery. At present there are numerous ranges of laptop Battery companies available in the market. Though, your main concern while purchasing a battery would be to select one that is perfectly compatible with your laptop. For this you would need to know more about the manufacturer and model series of your laptop. While buying a laptop battery, you would maybe have one or two choice that may suit your laptop. Select the battery which has the best ever life. There are several different brands of laptop batteries available in the market. Most laptops are only anticipated to use one type of laptop battery technology. To take proper care of your laptop battery you should totally discharge and then completely charge the battery and it must be done at regular intervals, as it supports the occupied capability of the laptop battery.

Camera battery- Camera batteries are the most important resource to provide the power to the camera so that wonderful v
ideotape and images can be clicked without any problem. The batteries are extremely resourceful and strong as well. They can be useful for different cameras. Some camera batteries are compatible with other devices as well like the notebook etc. These camera batteries have extremely hi-tech technology that makes them a very functional support to the camera. These can be attached to the camera as well as other new accessories by using accessible adaptors and data cable wires. Some camera batteries can be used to support more than one gadget at one time by the help of its modifiable and flexible output that are well-matched with all the other gadgets. The camera batteries are produced with extra care and usefulness so that they present long durable services with faultless service.

Cell phone accessories- The great rise in cell phone handling has raised the choice and requirements of cell phone accessories. People choose many cell phone accessories such as mobile covers, music systems, MP-3 players, Bluetooth, and data cables and many more in cell phone accessories. Now, new technologies in cell phone industry have resulted in various cell phone accessories, taking it to an overall high point.

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