Ok so 3 more posts today that I’ve dug up – I’m an information JUNKIE on this stuff lately. Give em a browse and let me know what ya reckon. They’re just from a few different sites I’ve been surfing lately that are generally good for information like this…

How to Wire a New Battery to Your Golf Cart Motor | DoItYourself.com

If you are a golfer, you probably know that the golf cart motor is run by a set of 6 batteries.

Acer Laptop Batteries Review and News » Blog Archive » Wave …

The Samsung OS was previously seen in its early stages and gave little information about the real quality. But what we can say now: The first phone, called bada-S8500 Wave has the makings of a cell phone hit. …

Can batteries cause hard starting? – Diesel Forum – TheDieselStop.com

A little back story: I replaced my alternator about 2 weeks ago. When it died, I started and ran the truck 4 times with the volt meter reading low (ind.

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