Flying With The Respironics Evergo Oxygen Concentrator

Flying with the Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator is trouble-free as long as you follow a few important steps before your flight.

Contact the airline that you are using to make sure they allow the Respironics EverGo on the airline during flights. Most of the larger airlines allow Oxygen Concentrators during flights. The airline will require that you submit a written prescription. Please notify the airline a month in advance and let them know you will be using the Respironics EverGo during flight.

Be prepared to adjust your travel schedule and have a well planned itinerary so that you don’t need to make last minute changes. Most airlines require as much as 48 hours notice to reschedule flights with passengers using oxygen. Try to plan a direct flight without layovers to converse battery power.

Be familiar with the latest airport security screening policies and plan for extra time for inspection of your EverGo.

Passengers using the EverGo may not sit in exit rows, or the EverGo can’t block another passenger’s access to seats or to the airplane’s aisles. You must be able to see the alarm lights on your EverGo when it is stowed away. Ideally, you would want to keep your EverGo under the seat in front of you.

Passengers are not allowed to plug the EverGo in during flight to charge their battery. You will need to plan to bring enough batteries for your entire flight, including check in time, security time, take off and landing time. For safety reason, it is strongly recommended that patients that use Portable Oxygen Concentrators on airplane flights carry enough extra batteries that will last twice the duration of the flight to ensure the battery power will not run out during flight.

The EverGo and batteries are considered medical devices; they will need to be screened by TSA personnel but they will not count against your carry-on baggage allowance.

During the Drink fluids but avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks; they will make you feel bloated.

If you follow these steps, you should have a safe and hassle free flight.

By: Scott Ridl

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