Don’t waste your time on other batteries. They just don’t have the staying power of Duracell. You might pay a touch more for the Duracell name, but you will definitely wish you had if you keep using those cheap options. Duracell rechargeable batteries are industry leaders, and that is why they are sop popular and so highly ranked by customers.

Let’s take a look at the best Duracell rechargeable batteries you can find online.

This 4-pack of Pre-Charged Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries is some of the most popular batteries online and in traditional stores. They are absolutely perfect for high tech items that are notorious for draining batteries fast – digital cameras, audio devices, gaming devices, etc. For example, if your digital camera is like mine, you hardly get a few hours out of the standard batteries before they completely die. So you end up carrying around several sets just to get through the day. Quit jumping through these hoops! Solve this annoying problem with this set of Duracell Rechargeable Batteries.

The great thing about this battery set is that they are pre-charged. This means that you can use them immediately without having to charge them overnight. They can hold their charge for up to 1 year, and you will literally get hundreds of recharges out of them. They also last longer which means that they are a whole lot less annoying than normal batteries. I am telling you – very few things are as frustrating as trying to get a family reunion picture and having dozens of people stand around while you run into the house and search for your extra set of batteries. Trust me, I have done this before, and it is very, very irritating.

Of course, you can also get a 4-pack of triple-A Duracell rechargeable batteries, and an 8-pack of double-A or triple-A batteries. You will get the high quality and long lasting results that you have grown used to with these Duracell batteries.

But really, when it comes to Duracell rechargeable batteries, the best deal you are going to find online is the batteries along with the charger itself. That is why I like this Duracell Mobile Charger that comes with 2 pre-charged double-A batteries and 2 pre-charged triple-A batteries. This pack comes with everything you need!

The manufacturer calls this charger and battery pack the portable power hub. You can take the charger anywhere, and within minutes have an almost brand new set of batteries ready to use for your MP3 player, Blackberry, or iPod. Naturally you can charge both double-A and triple-A sizes, and it even comes with a USB port so that you can immediately charge your USB devices.

One great aspect of this Duracell battery charger is that it has individual LED lights for each battery. The red light indicates more charging is needed, the green light means you are good to go, and the blinking light means that the batteries are not inserted properly. People rave about how quickly it charges each battery, and they say that you won’t find a better deal anywhere for such a great price.

Oh, yeah, speaking of price. Please don’t pay full retail for Duracell rechargeable batteries. You can get some awesome deals online that it just doesn’t make since. If you know where to look (think Amazon), then you can easily find exceptional prices.

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