Using digital camera rechargeable batteries is a good way to save money. Instead of getting packs of batteries and exhausting all of them in a short period of time, it will be best to invest on rechargeable batteries. They may be more expensive than the ordinary batteries but in the long run, it will end up cheaper.

When you use these batteries, you need to know some facts and tips to better understand how it works, know the advantages of using them and maximize their use.

1. Use the NiMH or the nickel-metal hydride batteries instead of the NiCad or nickel cadium ones because the former provide better performance than the latter.

2. Consider getting a charger that you can bring anywhere, whether you will be on a business trip or vacation. You can choose the speed of a charger and the faster it is, the more expensive it is. If you have the funds, it is better to get the charger with better specifications.

3. It is advisable to have an extra set of rechargeable batteries in case you need a spare to capture your exciting and memorable activities.

4. Batteries can be discharged when not in use. Do not be surprised if you recharged them and if you did not use them for weeks, the batteries are drained. This means you again have to recharge.

5. Be conscious about the battery power icon in your camera. This is an indicator of the level of charge the batteries have.

With a thorough understanding of your digital camera rechargeable batteries, you will be able to better preserve the power and enjoy the benefits compared to just using ordinary batteries.

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Disposable Alkaline Batteries Destroy The Environment! Read About A Safe Alternative

Are you one of the millions of people throughout the world who take the environment seriously? Do you recycle? Do you purchase sustainable products? Do you try to limit your personal carbon emissions? To be sure, all of these steps are critical to preserving what is left of our planet’s health and cleaning up the mess that industrialism has created over the past century.

But what about your battery consumption and disposal? Chances are, you and your family use a lot of batteries in a year, given the dearth of gadgets, kids’ toys, and small appliances that all call for AA and AAA batteries. If you’re using Duracells, Energizers, and any other brand of disposable alkaline batteries, I’m sorry to say that you’re still part of the environmental problem and not the solution.

The facts are clear: disposable alkaline batteries are incredibly hazardous to the environment. Although improvements in the purity and consistency of materials used to make Alkaline batteries have allowed manufacturers to reduce the mercury content, their mercury levels are still quite harmful and pollutant. And while some countries have prohibited disposing of alkaline batteries in regular domestic trash, the vast majority of people throw their disposable batteries away with the rest of the garbage.

Are you one of these people?

Even if you do make the effort to recycle your old alkaline batteries properly, the materials used to make them are not nearly sustainable and recyclable enough to meet strict environmental standards. Like other industrialized pollutants, disposable batteries present a difficult environmental problem, since so many electronics in our modern world call for AA and AAA batteries to power them.

There is, however, an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic disposable alkaline batteries.

NiMH rechargeable batteries are designed with sustainability in mind, offering a minimal impact on the environment. Nickel, the primary metal component of a rechargeable NiMH battery, is one of the most sustainable metals on the planet: it is abundant in the ground, easily mined, and easily recycled, making it an incredible sustainable material.

ding to the NiMH battery’s sustainability is its ability to be reused hundreds of times: while earlier NiCaD battery designs were toxic and unreliable, NiMH batteries provide an even, reliable battery charge over a long lifecycle, allowing to use them over and over again, making them the ultimate environmentally-friendly AA and AAA battery choice.
Moreover, consumer studies have proven that a fully charged NiMH battery offers the same level of power than a disposable alkaline battery.

If you are truly committed to being a responsible consumer and protecting the environment, then NiMH batteries clearly give you an affordable, sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative that will be easy on the planet.

By: Michael Nace

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