A Solar Charge Controller Can Change Your Life

Looking for cost-effective and user-friendly means to recharge your batteries? Grab a solar charge controller and enjoy hassle-free recharging of batteries. This equipment is required in almost every solar power systems that utilize batteries. Regulating the power passing from the solar panels to the batteries is its primary job. This is necessary because battery life can get reduced if they are overcharged. Overcharging can also damage batteries to the point that they may become unusable.

How it works?

A solar charge controller regulates the flow of the charge from the solar cells to the batteries. It delivers the right charge volumes at the right time so that the solar batteries are not overcharged. The current passing through the solar charge controller charges the batteries used in household items. This current can also be passed to the invertors for converting direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC).

At night or when solar panels aren’t generating any power, power can actually flow backwards from the batteries to the solar panels, draining the batteries. The charge controller can also detect the malfunction of the solar panels. If solar energy is not actually passing from the solar panels to the circuit, it disconnects the solar panels from the batteries and stops the reverse flow of current.

Finding the Right Solar Charge Controller

A good quality solar charge controller can directly affect the life of the backup batteries, so selecting the right one is important. Don’t go for those cheaper ones, as they would hamper the battery life and increase overall expenses in the long run.

Purchasing a good quality charge controller will give you peace of mind and greater savings in the long term. Ensuring longevity of the batteries, a quality solar charge controller is certainly worth every penny you spend on it.

By: Prashant Kalra

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